Grow Sprouts in Under a Week

Organic and low cost
• Eat fresh organic sprouts for the best way to get tons of nutrients at a low price per serving.

In every season
• Grow sprouts in any weather and get peak nutrition with zero food miles from counter to plate.

Just add water
• All that is needed is rinsing with water for 5 days. No soil, no sunlight, just water.

Did You Know... Broccoli Sprouts Are:

Healthier than mature broccoli
• A small serving of broccoli sprouts provides the benefits of an entire head of broccoli.

25¢ per serving
• Usually superfoods come with super high prices. Not this one.

Full of vitamins
• Broccoli sprouts are full of vitamins A, C, iron, and sulforaphane, which studies suggest can reduce the risk of cancer.

Sprouting is Easy

Soak seeds
• Measure 2 tbsp of seeds and soak with water in a jar for a few hours

Rinse daily
• Rinse with water morning and evening for 5 days

Harvest and enjoy
• Sandwiches, salads, smoothies, explore the possibilities!

Three Sprout Jar Kits on a kitchen counter with broccoli sprouts at different stages of growth

How Do I Start?

Get the right tools
• A great sprout jar kit should include everything needed to get you started. A vertical sprouter helps drain water the best to avoid rotting sprouts

Choose better materials
• Look for food grade materials like stainless steel, glass, and ceramics. Avoid plastics as they don't last and can lead to biofilms.

Is a bit of vanity ok?
• You are going to want to grow lots of sprouts! A beautiful kit can be proudly displayed on your counter. You may even want to post pictures of your results!

Customer Reviews

Sprout Jar Kit
"I love the simplicity and quality of this kit! No plastic, no annoying mesh to clean, very satisfying!"

Tasty sprouts!
"I am a new sprouter and I love it. It is so easy, so tasty, and so healthy."

Fun to Watch Grow.
"As a family, we enjoy watching the sprouts expand and fill the jar in a short amount of time. It’s rewarding to be able to eat what we have watched grow. They look delicious and add so much to our meals. Thank you Forages."

Easy to Use
"I like how easy this product is to use and clean. It’s an excellent design and good quality. Having done a lot of summertime vegetable gardening, It’s fun to be growing something fresh and tasty in the winter months too!"