Broccoli sprouts contain 20-50x more anti-cancer compounds than in mature broccoli

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    "Yummy and so fresh, really can't compare to store bought." Tina

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    "I’m a breast cancer survivor and this is part of my anticancer plan." Nancy

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    "I have a jar going now that is almost full after just three days!" Chris

Forages Sprout Jar Kit

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    Enjoy hassle-free sprout harvests using the rimless jar with day tracker

  • Dishwasher Safe


    Prioritize safety with parts that are dishwasher and sterilization safe

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    Grow more while reducing clutter thanks to a space-efficient upright design

  • Ecology Leaf Sustainable


    Bid farewell to plastic and pesticides as you embrace homegrown goodness

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    Crafted from premium materials and designed to last for ages

  • Three Year Warranty


    Rest easy knowing every Sprout Jar Kit is covered by our 3-year warranty

Soak. Rinse. Harvest. Enjoy.

  • Sprouting Seeds Artistic Render


    Start with high quality certified organic tested sprouting seeds.

  • Sprouts First Budding Artistic Render

    First Shoots

    Add some water and the seeds come to life and the first shoot emerges.

  • Sprouts Artistic Render


    In 5 days, two leaves grow, vitamins increase, and fresh sprouts are ready to eat.

  • Empty Forages Sprout Jar Kit on rock for home sprouting

    Sustainable Design

    Each component is made from durable, recyclable, high-quality and food-safe materials that don’t degrade with years of use. This makes the Sprout Jar Kit a great low-waste solution that benefits people and planet alike.

  • Forages Sprout Jar Kit full of Broccoli Sprouts, Loaf of Bread, Recipe Idea

    Small-Space Friendly

    The Sprout Jar Kit’s vertical orientation takes up less room on your countertop or shelf than tilting stand alternatives – perfect for busy homes, kitchens with limited counter space or small apartments.

  • Forages Sprout Jar Kit Stepped Bowl Details

    Easy Cleaning

    Every part of the Sprout Jar Kit can be cleaned in the dishwasher and sterilized at high heat for safer sprouts. The lid allows airflow while preventing sprouts from sticking, reducing bacteria growth and making cleanup a breeze.

  • Forages Sprout Jar Kit with Date Tracker for tracking start date

    Happy Harvesting

    The Sprout Jar comes with a day tracker etched into the stand, so you never forget a harvest. And when the time comes, the lid is designed to double as a rinsing sieve for hulls to make harvesting sprouts easier.

Homegrown Goodness

Sprouting is the easiest way to grow the freshest, most nutrient-dense power foods possible on your countertop – within a few days, all year round.

Grow Healthily

Sprouts are packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and other important dietary compounds.

Grow Reliably

By growing your own healthy food, you also gain more control over your health, diet and lifestyle.

Grow Simply

Sprouts are fresh, fast and easy to grow without the need for soil, fertilizers or even a green thumb.

Grow Affordably

Sprouts grown at home can be as much as 10 times less expensive than store-bought sprouts.

Forages Sprouts Growing from Empty Jar to Seeds to Full Jar of Broccoli Sprouts

Sprout with Ease

Shop now for your all-in-one Sprout Jar Kit and experience how easy, clean and delicious sprouting can be.