Forages brings freshness to your everyday life with beautiful, simple-to-use and wholesome products designed to last for ages.

Functional Simplicity

Every product has a purpose – and it serves that purpose in a delightful way. We fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and elevate your everyday with an experience that’s as intuitive, reliable and enjoyable as our products themselves are. You can count on our products to keep their promises and deliver the kind of performance that sets us apart.

Mindful Sustainability

We craft each product thoughtfully from recyclable materials that are good for the Earth. We don’t believe in single-use products or products that damage the environment. That’s reflected in the materials we select, the processes we use in manufacturing and the long life of each finished product.

Responsible Design

We believe in products that serve happy customers for generations. That design philosophy drives everything from the timeless colors, styles and finishes we select to the durable materials we use. The end result is a product thoughtfully crafted for longevity that brings joy for years to come.

Healthy Empowerment

We give you the tools you need to pursue healthy, natural options, and make the best decisions for a more optimal lifestyle. We put you in more control of your health and wellness with simple solutions to challenges like nutrition as well as food availability and affordability.

Giving Back

For every Forages product you purchase, we plant a tree with Our Trees Our Future, a strategic tree-planting initiative that aims to help alleviate poverty, create long-term sustainability and promote environmental stewardship in Uganda.

Meet our Co-Founders

Over the past couple of years, we discovered sprouting as a way to increase the nutrient-rich foods which we provide to our growing families. Being able to grow healthy superfoods in such a simple and low-cost way was an eye-opener.

  • Jason Stevens

    “Eating healthy isn’t always easy. I feel that sprouting is a simple way to add high-quality, affordable nutrients that people can grow at home.”

  • Jason Stevens planted the seed for the company in 2016 when he bought his first simple sprouting equipment. A mechanical engineer by trade with an entrepreneurial spirit, he found great satisfaction in not only improving his own health, but also improving the way sprouts are grown. What started as a project tinkering in the basement grew into a labor of love: a mission to make healthy living more achievable and accessible for others.

  • Joseph Hofer

    “We’re helping people be a little bit more prepared, a little bit more self-reliant and ultimately healthier and happier in their life.”

  • Joseph Hofer discovered sprouting through his friendship with Jason, and ever since, a sprouting jar has been a common sight in his kitchen. A product designer with a portfolio that spans smartphones to kitchenware, he lives and breathes human-centered tools that make life easier and last generations – while at the same time making the world around him a little better.

Forages Sprouts Growing from Empty Jar to Seeds to Full Jar of Broccoli Sprouts

Our Vision in Action

The Forages Sprout Jar Kit is our signature product – an example of how we infuse everyday products with our philosophy of creating beautiful, long-lasting products for sustainable living.