Sprout Jar Kits

  • "I love the simplicity and quality of this kit! No plastic, no annoying mesh to clean, very satisfying!"
    ~ Marie

  • "I am a new sprouter and I love it. It is so easy, so tasty, and so healthy."


Each Sprout Jar Kit contains:

Glass Jar – Scratch-resistant and highly durable for everyday use
Lid and Stand – Offset gaps keep seeds in and drain water out
Bowl – Catches excess water and keeps your countertop clean
Seeds – An easy-to-grow spring salad start mix
Guide – Every step explained in an easy-to-follow reference

One Jar. Many Possibilities.

Sprout jar kit with mung bean sprouts
  • Sprout Jar Kit lid and stand separated to show easy cleaning

    Easy Cleaning

    Every part of the Sprout Jar Kit can be cleaned in the dishwasher and sterilized at high heat for safer sprouts. The lid allows airflow while preventing sprouts from sticking, reducing bacteria growth and making cleanup a breeze.

  • Alfalfa sprouts in a bowl

    Sustainable Design

    Each component is made from durable, recyclable, high-quality and food-safe materials that don’t degrade with years of use. This makes the Sprout Jar Kit a great low-waste solution that benefits people and planet alike.

  • Sprout jar kit on a decorative shelf with mung bean sprouts

    Small-Space Friendly

    The Sprout Jar Kit’s vertical orientation takes up less room on your countertop or shelf than tilting stand alternatives – perfect for busy homes, kitchens with limited counter space or small apartments.

  • Etched date tracker on the Sprout Jar Kit lid and stand

    Happy Harvesting

    The Sprout Jar comes with a day tracker etched into the stand, so you never forget a harvest. And when the time comes, the lid is designed to double as a rinsing sieve for hulls to make harvesting sprouts easier.